When we first thought about starting our new careers magazine, no one knew what Covid was, and ‘pandemic’ was a word only used as hyperbole…. how the world has changed.  And, like anyone who has looked to start a new venture in the last 18 months or so, it has certainly given us some challenges.


On the bright side, there have definitely been some swings amongst the roundabouts.  Trying to sell advertising to Marketing Managers, who were all working at home, proved to be a question of dogged determination; we generally track them down in the end! However, interviewing individuals for articles over Zoom was actually more efficient (and less geographically restricted) than it would have been in person.


So, learning to take the rough with the smooth has been the story of creating this magazine but – actually – is one of the key messages we’d hope that our teenage audience in particular takes to heart, too. To see opportunity in adversity and embracing new technology are going to be key skills that our future workforce will need to be hot on.  That’s a big part of why we were so keen to be part of the Optimised Retrofit Project.


From initiatives like the School Strike for Climate Change, we know that many young adults feel strongly  about the future of the planet. It seems only right, therefore, to offer careers guidance that signposts them to employment where they can make a difference. And it’s clear that the OR Project is taking steps now that will make a big difference for us all in the (not-too-distant) future.  If ‘Make The Future Yours’ magazine can help champion that cause even in a small way, we’re proud to do it.


I’ve worked with young people, through Apprenticeships, for twenty years now and they never cease to surprise me (usually for positive reasons!).  Their fresh eyes and questions, unhampered by convention, will often provoke different perspectives and solutions.  That’s partly why The Future Business, the company who manage the magazine, have recruited both Kickstarters and an Apprentice to come and work with us. We’d like to think we ‘walk the walk’, not just ‘talk the talk’, and we know they are the future of our business.


So, as I write, the second Wales Issue of ‘Make The Future Yours’ is falling under the hand of our translator and graphic designer, ready for publication in a couple of weeks’ time. We’re pleased to be able to include content generated with the support of several of the OR Project partners as well as interviews with young people demonstrating their fresh eyes and enthusiasm across a number of career areas. Our first issues have been extremely well received so we hope ‘Wales 2’ is even better.


Two years ago, if you’d told me I’d be editing a careers magazine, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But I have always enjoyed writing, and working with young people, so it feels absolutely right that this is what I am now doing.  And what a two years it’s been!  But then, who really knows what the future brings? The best we can do is to be ready for it!