This week Optimised Retrofit held its first Decarb Army virtual event, in partnership with Sell2Wales and Business Wales, bringing together SMEs and tradespeople with a passion for zero carbon. The event was an opportunity to update our growing list of potential future suppliers on the OR project’s progress, and provide an in-depth briefing on the role of battery storage and smart energy systems in decarbonising homes.


Sero’s two speakers, Alun Watkins and Lee Fisher, introduced the work we do at Optimised Retrofit, and how there are currently around 1.4m homes across Wales that need to be made more carbon efficient to help meet 2050 net zero targets. They asserted that we must therefore get retrofit right, making it happen by delivering the skills and training needed to likeminded professionals across a range of sectors, which will be key to building a strong future economy and helping tackle the climate emergency.


Our guest speaker was Gary Watson from sonnenBatterie, who delivered a brilliantly informative briefing on battery storage in the home, and how the function can support our move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources of energy. Gary explained how battery storage should be thought of as a ‘reservoir’ that stores electrical energy so it can be consumed when it’s needed most. This allows our homes to be reliant on renewable energy despite solar and wind power being less ‘reliable’ than fossil fuels – especially in our part of the world!


What’s more, battery storage means residents can reduce their electricity bill, buy electricity at off-peak times to use at peak times, and provide back up in the case of a power cut. We would like to thank Gary for his excellent briefing and would advise any SMEs and tradespeople across Britain to sign up for updates from Optimised Retrofit’s Decarb Army. Make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!


To sign up to the Decarb Army, please follow this link.

For more information on the work sonnenBatterie do, please follow this link.