What is the best boiler features on some consumer sites. Unfortunately, these consumer sites have very little knowledge around boilers so it is best to take their advice with a pinch of salt .

In this episode Nathan chats to Si Posket who is going to be doing a lot more heat pump work with his friend Craig fromĀ https://cbrookesheating.co.uk/

We also chat to Damon fromĀ https://blakemoreplumbingandheating.co.uk/ who has really impressed Nathan with his commitment to the industry and to learning.

REMEMBER: a boiler or a heat pump is part of a heating system. It is the system which needs to be efficient. ALL boilers (which nowadays are condensing boilers) are designed for low temperature heating systems just like heat pumps are designed for low temp heating systems.


Episode 7 – “What is the Best Boiler – if you can not have a heat pump yet?”