Nathan chats to a good friend of the podcast, Guy Newey, about decarbonising our homes and heating

Guy is Director of Strategy and Performance at the Energy Systems Catapult – (sponsor of season 3 of BetaTalk) He was the Energy Adviser to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Greg Clark and Special Advisor to former Energy Secretary Amber Rudd.

He has also worked as Head of Policy at OVO, one of the UK’s energy suppliers, and was Head of Environment and Energy at think tank Policy Exchange.

The episode discusses the work at the Energy System Catapult and some of the challenges for home owners. But Nathan and Guy are interested in the business model Heat as a Service or otherwise known as Comfort as a Service. These models can be beneficial to homeowners as well as incentivise innovation, efficient energy use and a race to the top rather than the bottom in the heating sector.

Episode 15 – “Decarbonising Homes- A chat with policy expert Guy Newey”