Our video features a range of installers showing how some of the major UK boiler manufacturers can be fine-tuned, and systems generally run more efficiently.

At Sero we are committed to supporting residents to achieve lower carbon homes with minimal or no change to how they live their lives. This is why we have teamed up with BetaTeach, the Heating Hub and installers from around the UK to create a short video aimed at heating engineers across the country to give them practical guidance as to how to optimise boilers on behalf of residents.

A conversation initially started on Twitter by Michael Liebriech, of Liebriech Associates, around concerns of the current energy price chaos, soon became a topic of hot discussion between several heating installers, industry experts and members of the Sero team.

It was agreed that fuel savings could be made across the UK this winter if there was a targeted informative campaign to show heating installers how to set up, tweak and fine tune existing heating systems to run more efficiently.

It was from this that we worked with Yoke Creative to shoot and produce our video which will be freely shared to heating engineers and property owners as well as our Optimised Retrofit RSL partners to support them in ensuring their customers and tenants boilers are in tip-top condition as we enter the winter months.

In simple terms, this means engineers will be able to adapt their customers’ existing boiler systems to improve the efficiency, without having to affect the temperature of their home, while possibly saving them money.

We all want to do our bit to fight climate change. Now more than ever, it has become important for us to make changes to the way we heat and light our homes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Jo Alsop, founder of the Heating Hub, said:

We released a blog in March 2020 explaining why our condensing boilers do not condense and this led to a great discussion on twitter in October 2021, and ultimately this video being produced.

An Energy Savings Trust study in 2009 found condensing gas boilers are not A-rated out the box, rather they were found to operate between B-E rated in the home.

BEAMA, recently reported that households can save up to 32% on their gas bills with small measures, such as upgrading their controls and hydronic balancing.