Across the project, partners will decarbonise more than 1,370 Pathfinder homes across Wales, which will each be provided with a detailed pathway to achieve Zero Carbon based on retrofit measures and grid decarbonisation.

The pathfinder programme will use a combination of building fabric improvements, low and zero-carbon technologies (such as solar panels, battery storage and heat pumps), and intelligent ongoing operational controls, to plan out how to take each home to its lowest achievable carbon footprint.

Each pathfinder home will then take the first Step on its preferred Pathway to Zero as part of the project. The project will see a wide range of types of homes being retrofitted with a large selection of first measures, to ensure the digital tools being developed are effective in tackling the diverse range of property types found across Wales.

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

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Case Study 2:
Linc Cymru

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Case Study 3:
Valleys to Coast

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