Zoning heat pumps and heating systems is the topic of this episode. We chat with Adam Chapman AKA Heat Geek who is one of the BetaTalk Heat Architects about a recent video he published on youtube https://youtu.be/zpTVIeUh04E. Adam runs the Heat Geek Hydronics course and you can find a discount code at Nathan’s website https://www.betateach.co.uk/

We also get to chat with Jez Climas who is a very rare breed of merchant who actually understands the technology he sells along with the heating systems it will be going on to. He has made an interesting career move from being and M&E consultant designing BIG heating systems to working at a company https://midsummerwholesale.co.uk/  who have experience with PV systems and have branched into the area of heat pumps.

We obviously cover the topic of zoning along with other topics such as commercial building management systems (BMS). Other topics include thermostatic radiator valves TRV’s, valve authority, mass flow rate, mean water temperature of radiators and Delta T. We also discuss a favourite topic of Adam’s: weather compensation controls.

In the Optimised Retrofit bulletin we chat to Dr Rhiannon Wreede who has made the transition into heating and works for https://www.solarpvtech.com/. We hear how colleges running courses and the Awarding Bodies getting payed for issuing hundreds of thousands of certificates often leave learners high and dry with no progression into industry, a topic very close to Nathan’s heart e.g. why is tax payers money for funding education going straight to colleges when it’s the employers who need financial support to train our industry. Rhiannon has also written articles in HIP magazine about her journey . . .


Episode 6 – “Zoning Heat Pumps Can Be Bad For Comfort & Efficiency”